Week 24 MKE

The final week of the MKE, this experience has been a stretch. I am so

proud of myself for completing this portion of this experience. I have

established some new good habits.  GS scroll 1 says we become slave to

our habits, good habits are the key to all success. I must say that the

blogging was one of the things I dreaded most, because I didn’t type very

fast, however I actually enjoy it now. Mark said we would start to like

blogging before it was all through, and I thought he was out of his mind.

I am so grateful to have found this work and I will continue it for the

rest of my  life. Thoughts that fire together wire together, so it’s important

to make all of the thoughts good thoughts. (7 day mental diet)

I always keep my promises,

James Earl Moore


Mke Week 23

Wow this experience has been amazing to me. Before I found this experience

I had decided to figure out how to program my subby to attain wealth. Once

I figured it out I was going to start a class to train others on how to do the

same. Then I found this class and man is it everything a person could want

for designing your dream life. I feel so blessed and thankful to have found

the MKE. This is what I have been searching for. I ran across a blog post that

blew me away, I will include the persons name, it is in the blog roll, I will

also put the url at the bottom. The person is Eulaine Melanson. The blog

is week 23 and is about how to become a money magnet. It is well worth

your time. Here is url, Enjoy.

I always keep my promises,

James Earl Moore







MKE 2019 Lesson 23 How Do You Become a Money Magnet?

Eulaine's Journey

If you are saying, “I want to become a money magnet” then this is a blog you’ll want to read this week.

Many people struggle with this idea because they are caught up in their negative beliefs about money.  Here are ten steps with the help of the Law of Attraction that will assist you to allure more wealth and prosperity.  These steps came from an article that I read by (AJ Awesome) and it inspired me and hopefully you’ll be influenced too.

The first step in wanting to become a money magnet is to be aware of your negative beliefs about money.   Money is not the root of all evil, but the lack of it can be.  Other negative beliefs about money are money doesn’t grow on trees.  Money is filthy and dirty.  Money is just a piece of paper.  You need money to feed others only.  Money goes…

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Week 22a MKE

I love getting to read any part of the MKS we want each day this week.

I went to part 10, because I love to envision the 6 inch square with the

circle in it and the dot that we draw toward ourselves to form a cone,

I get so  wrapped up in it that my timer goes off seemingly moments

after I start it. Today I read part 6 with the photograph, my sit had to

be in a different order because I woke up a little later than I normally

do, this caused me to go to work earlier and do my sit there. It was a

nice change. I hesitate to write or say anything I do not want a 100% of

in my life. I desire to strip the old blueprint of any negative power that

it has gained. I choose the new thought pattern of worthiness and

abundance. I have noticed as I was writing this that I started to write

what I don’t want, and I changed it to say what I do want. I love the

progress that I am making.

I always keep my promises,

James Earl Moore

Week 22 MKE

GS Scroll 5 Says I live this day as if it is my last. I am loving the mantra “I

can be what I will to be” and “Do it now.” I have noticed that I jump right

in and do things as they come up. I love that. The scroll seems to remind us

of how short life is. This becomes motivation to seek out our dream life,

quickly because life is short. Forget the past, because it is gone and we cannot

do anything about it. Forget the future, because we cannot do anything

about it either. All we can do is discipline our thoughts in the here and now

to program the subby and change our future. Thank you MKMMA.

I always keep my promises,

James Earl Moore